Broadcasting love

Jessica Ramirez and Laura Mae Poore started out as #887 and #888 in a very long audition line for AMTC. Only God knew right then what a perfect match these two chicks would make. It's been tears, laughter and praise ever since and the journey has only begun. Follow their flight as they share laughs, industry secrets and the oils that they love. If you're a dreamer, CCCChicks are for you.

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Curators of Essential Oils

After experiencing personal healing from essential oils; the Chicks want to share what is working to help keep the wellness and peace in their homes.

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Christian Casting

If you're an entertainer looking for quality casting opportunities, join our growing family! Christian Casting offers coaching and training so you can be ready for your next God calling or audition.

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Since 1993

STILL...on a mission to spread joy

Over the years we have shared our sorrows, heart aches and failures, but that only allowed God to show you His joys, love and victories. He has answered every prayer, sometimes with a no, but that always turns out for our own good. He loves us so much, just as we are, right now. Our relationship with God is good not because we are perfect, but because we try. Everyday we want to try and love Him; He meets us every time. Our message is that joy is a gift meant for you right now! Through Jesus we can have a peace that passes all understanding, all we have to do is ask. What a gift to be joyful about. If you're a dreamer, let God use you. Don't wait for something to be created for you, you were created to create, so make it yourself! Don't be afraid to fail, sometimes it's the only way to learn. We love you Jesus, thank you for creating joy and laughter.

  • Jess & Laura